Officially known as Pljeskavica, these babies should be available everywhere and not just everywhere in Serbia. This one is from a little shack in Novi Sad, a gem of a city that Lonely Planet named a top destination not long ago. Cost for two with beverage: about four US bucks, and they are a long way from small.


This is how you fireplace

Many decades back it was apparently vogue to have  space in your Spanish Hacienda that was all about the fireplace. As in the entire room was a fireplace. Electricity and the conveniences it powers conspired to do away with this genius design which is a real shame. It would almost be worth the nightmare of building a home to end up with one.


Raised Right

These pigs are living large! They roam free in fields of grass and acorn bearing trees, and seem to be genuinely happy creatures. The result is a super-premium ham known as Iberico, onsidered to be the best in the world. We’ve been walking among them for a few days and enjoying their company.  And yes, they also make for great eating!